Continuing where we left off

Continuing where we left off

Introducing the blog at HeartStrings Yarn Studio

Do you have that friend or relative or co worker that you can talk to forever or pick up right where you left off after a lengthy absence?  It is a comforting feeling that indicates an easy relationship with no awkward reacquainting dialogue.


Our community at the shop feels that way.  Some people we see several times a week and others only a few times a year but the conversation usually continues with ease.  We happen to share our lives through our projects when we choose to spend our time in a creative space.


Every day someone comes in "just to look around" and often expresses that they have had a rough day and need some time (some place) to unwind.  The atmosphere is intended to ignite our creativity and provide a welcome respite from the hectic pace of life.  A lovely consequence is the relationships that have developed from our common interests.


The idea with this blog is to create an additional venue to discuss what's happening at HeartStrings Yarn Studio.  We hope to share what inspires us and hear what inspires you.  We plan to discuss common issues our customers ask for advice on and hear what your suggestions are.  Most of all we simply want to carry on the conversation!


Sometimes the greatest adventure is simply a conversation ~ Amadeus Wolfe


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